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White Knight

Well, winter arrived in full force this past week or so in Indiana. Stupid snow. I thought we would dodge it this year, but it wasn’t meant to be. Have I mentioned I hate snow.  When it’s cold, like subzero cold, I usually get a severe case of procrastination fever. I just want to bum around the house and hibernate until spring. Which is why this one’s getting posted so late. I’m sure there’s a poem in there somewhere about how much I despise snow. We’ll see, but until that works its way out, a short poem to hold you over. The title could be wintery if you like word play. Stay focused and Write On!

White Knight

I won’t play chess with you anymore 

Your white knight turned out to be a lowly pawn

Your king was daddy’s approval on fleeting wings

And the queen plays tricks with hearts

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Cut Up 3

This week’s post is another short, Cut Up poem. As always, feel free to share, like, and comment. Stay focused and Write On.

Many provide potential,
but part at the start of more.
To spot such partings at the outset,
one must tread cautiously
because to feel one will lose,
come what may,
starts the parting,
before they’re even at your door.

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A Valentine’s Poem

Here’s a bonus poem this week to celebrate the holiday that makes men sweat and women cry. Stay focused and write on.

Mixed Buttons

You and me are a mixed bag of buttons baby

Like misshapen
from the friction
of our first encounter
on a dead end country road
with rusty Crayola scissors

Like one size too small
to seal the blackhole created
when hand-me-down globes collide
on off kilter orbits
from the gravity of the human spirit

Like popping off
into the eye of a dignitary
at a fancy schwa-ray
just as he’s about to toast
because we can’t contain our dysfunction

Like unnecessary adornment
on stone washed, button fly 501’s
because there’s not enough room
for more razzle-dazzle
than one hipster can handle

You and me are a mixed bag of buttons baby

Like one shade off
from the perfect hue
to match the double pleated slacks
I wore to school on picture day
in an attempt to impress the ladies

Like frayed strings
barely holding on
to a threadbare jacket
on a second-hand store’s
clearance rack

Like the wrong material,
wooden toggles on a zoot suit
worn only once
then forgotten in a bedroom closet
to get moth eaten

Like barely holding it together
against the strain
of the parts we play
trying to bust free
from our self-imposed restrictions

You and me are a mixed bag of buttons baby
Not quite a perfect match

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On Writing

This week, I thought I’d go in a slightly different direction by doing a book review. I find it extremely important and beneficial to read as much as possible to help develop my craft. It’s pretty hard to get better at something if you don’t try to learn from people who have had success in whatever area you’re trying to improve. In this case, reading actively what other writers have written on the craft.
A few months ago, I read On Writing by Stephen King. This book is full of insights into King’s writing processes and his journey to success. I couldn’t believe I blew through this book in a few days. I found I couldn’t put it down. King did a great job of mixing in writing advice, with poignant examples from his journey, and sharing his trials and tribulations.
This book constantly surprised me with the wit and charm, sprinkled with great writing advice. It does not read as a how to book, but more as an easy conversation with a long time friend. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in learning from a master storyteller or if you just want to read a good book. This is definitely a book I’ll return to again. Stay focused and Write On.

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Cut Up 2

This week will be short and sweet. I did manage to get a short story written and through the first round of editing. I may post some or all of it in the next few weeks, but I’m still kicking the idea around. Instead, here’s another cut up poem I did using the newspaper card game again. Feel free to like, share, and comment. Stay focused and Write On.

Dummies Declare
Assume you will be trusting him
Expecting dummies to declare,
How easily it could go wrong.
To prevent the eventual regret,
Do not fall for the ruse.