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A Valentine’s Poem

Here’s a bonus poem this week to celebrate the holiday that makes men sweat and women cry. Stay focused and write on.

Mixed Buttons

You and me are a mixed bag of buttons baby

Like misshapen
from the friction
of our first encounter
on a dead end country road
with rusty Crayola scissors

Like one size too small
to seal the blackhole created
when hand-me-down globes collide
on off kilter orbits
from the gravity of the human spirit

Like popping off
into the eye of a dignitary
at a fancy schwa-ray
just as he’s about to toast
because we can’t contain our dysfunction

Like unnecessary adornment
on stone washed, button fly 501’s
because there’s not enough room
for more razzle-dazzle
than one hipster can handle

You and me are a mixed bag of buttons baby

Like one shade off
from the perfect hue
to match the double pleated slacks
I wore to school on picture day
in an attempt to impress the ladies

Like frayed strings
barely holding on
to a threadbare jacket
on a second-hand store’s
clearance rack

Like the wrong material,
wooden toggles on a zoot suit
worn only once
then forgotten in a bedroom closet
to get moth eaten

Like barely holding it together
against the strain
of the parts we play
trying to bust free
from our self-imposed restrictions

You and me are a mixed bag of buttons baby
Not quite a perfect match


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