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Fellow Poet

   Another busy week is in the books.  I celebrated my 34th birthday, in grand fashion, with good food, friends, and some gambling at one of the local casinos.  I managed to get a little work done on a short story, worked on a couple of poems, and did a little editing.
   One of the other highlights of the week was being able to attend a book launch for one of the ladies in the writing group I attend when my schedule allows.  It was great to see the turnout and support for a local author.
   The night was 50’s themed, with some poodle skirts and fedoras.  It always amazes me to see the diverse group of people who attend poetry events in my area.  The event started with members of the writing group reading select poems from the book and then Nancy reading several poems. The night ended with a round of open mic and a bit of socializing afterwards.
  Nancy’s poems exhibit such a wide range of emotions and paint a vivid picture of growing up. I can honestly say that I was glad to be able to support Nancy and participate in her event.
   Go check out some of her work at,

As always, Stay Focused and Write On!

One thought on “Fellow Poet

  1. Brad has always exhibited a fantastic imagination,
    His pen has bled to blur the lines,
    What is this strange infatuation, that draws us in most every time?
    Words, words I say and more I write,
    Those words that comes like sylvan dreams midst a backdrop of endless plight.
    Precious words, words that flow like rivers onto paper, they enter into the mind of many like a cloud of inspired vapor,
    They flow from tributaries of the soul, and lead back to the pure untouched and hoary snow.
    The cycle must persist, it must remain until the breaking of the new found dawn, and calling from the mountain mists, Mr. Bott “Write on”.


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