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The Front Lines

  This week has been much better for my writing.  I finished a poem and finished a first draft of a short story and got it typed up. I also sent a poem in for a writing prompt competition.

   The poem below is from my teacher days, which lasted a few years.  I figured I’d share it in honor of teacher appreciation week.  As always, feel free to like, share, and comment.  Stay Focused and Write On!

The Front Lines


I’m on the front lines every day.


I have to dig trenches where

I know it’s important to make a stand,

while letting students sneak past my defenses.

“You can’t win every battle,” 

but I’m told you must win the war

against poor grammar that really only chafes me 

like a too tight chin strap

while others view it as the gangrene limb

that infects others with the stink of unintelligence.


I’m on the front lines every day.


I have to fight flack jacket fire

and the mortar rounds boom

of blame placed too soon

on teachers for not doing their jobs, 

by a Society that’s forgotten its 

duty to their children.


I jump on “your gays”

and F-bomb grenades

before they spread like a plague 

from mouth to ear to mouth,

causing thousand yard stares

in students unaware

of the booby-traps and snares

riddling their routes.


I’m on the front lines every day.


I have to protect my students 

from the shell-shock of taking 

too many tests that only provide

a grainy shot, a moment in time

of this mine field we call 

public education.


I have to get them past

the rat-tat-tat-tat

machine gun blast

of growing up too fast

while  giving them the skills to survive

through the battle field of life.


I’m on the front lines every day!


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