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Memorial Day

  As I’m sitting here typing, it’s Memorial Day and I wanted to do a little something special. I knew I wanted to write a poem, but I wasn’t sure if I could really do justice to those who served and died so I can sit here doing what I love.   After some carful thought, I knew I had to try, so I just started to do some stream of consciousness type writing. I think it accomplished what I set out to do after a little editing and rearranging.  

   I feel truly blessed and thankful for everything that is possible because of those brave men and women. So, if you’re so inclined, offer up some thoughts and appreciation for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Stay Focused and Write On!

Memorial Day

There’s no way to refund 
the price you paid
Laying down your lives
For our freedom

But I’ll try the only way I can
By living up to my full potential
Even when life gets rough
Because it’s nothing compared
To what you’ve done

I won’t succumb to despair
Because I picture you there
In your fox holes
Miles away from everything you know
Holding on to hope
As hell rains down around you 

Falling On foreign soil
So we can have backyard BBQ’s
Free from the oppression of tyranny
Free to pursue our dreams
Free to spend another day
With friends and family

For fighting against tyrants
For pushing back threats to freedom
For breaking the tides of persecution 

And I’ll remember
Every time the flag flys
It waves on the whispers
Of your last breaths


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