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A Must Read

   Another week is in the books. I’m a little late on posting a new blog because I’ve been a little under the weather and haven’t felt too inclined to mess with social media or much of anything.

  The good news is I have a poem being published in a literary magazine. I’ll add all the details when it comes out.

  This week I have another must read. I just finished reading Terry Pratchett’s, A Slip of the Keyboard. Let me say, if you’re serious about writing, like Terry Pratchett’s work, or just want a good read, then this is the book to read.

   A Slip of the Keyboard is a collection of Sir Pratchett’s non-fiction work. It is full of wit, humor, writing insights, and somewhat autobiographical. I didn’t want to stop reading. If you read close enough, there are tons of little kernels of writing wisdom and advice to be found.

  The road to success has been paved by those that came before us. Why not learn from them, from their style, from the roads they had to travel to becoming successful.  

  My one big regret while reading this book was that I hadn’t read more of Sir Pratchett’s works before picking up this book. When I finished, I closed the book feeling a bit saddened that it was over and that the world has lost such a brilliant and talented writer.

  Stay Focused and Write On!


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