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Whatever Wednesday 4

Who doesn’t like a good villain? Without them, our protagonists wouldn’t be quite so easy to root for. Although sometimes I secretly root for the villain, but don’t tell anyone.  Here’s a few of the more memorable antagonists.  Several of them definitely gave me that creepy crawly feeling.  Feel free to share your favorite villain in the comments.

Stay Focused and Write On!

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Whatever Wednesday 3

It’s Whatever Wednesday, ahhhhh!  This is a pretty decent blog/article on Science Fiction sub-genres that I found  informative. Not to mention I dig the site.  Check it out!  Stay Focused and Write On!

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Whatever Wednesday #2

This week I sent out some poems for a competition. Fingers crossed something comes of it. I also started working on a new story.  

Anyway, the link below will take you to the best movie monsters.  I know most of these creeped me out when I was younger and many of them still do. Check it out and feel free to add your favorites in the comments. Stay Focused and Write On!

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Whatever Wednesday 1

What exactly is whatever Wednesday? It’s whatever I want it to be.  Basically just short little something’s that caught my eye throughout the week.  Check out the link below for a list of Metal songs inspired by literature. I thought it was pretty cool and a bit surprising. Stay Focused and Write On!