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Whatever Wednesday 11

How bout some zombies?  I may have to check out a few of these. Stay Focused and Write On!


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Project 411

I mentioned submitting to this collaborative poem sponsored by Indiana’s poet laureate. I’m happy to say some of my lines made it in. Check it out. It’s a beast of a poem but pretty cool. Stay Focused and Write On!

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NaNoWriMo 2015

It’s November, a.k.a., National Novel Writing Month.  I’m going to be busy with doing my own version of this. I’m not writing a novel. I’m clearing out all the little short story ideas that I haven’t worked out.  Hopefully it gets me close to the 50,000 word target.  This will probably be my longest blog for the month, but I’ll try to post some quick ones throughout the process. For anyone else trying this, here’s a few tips.  Stay Focused and Write On!