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Back at It

   It’s been a bit since my last blog.  Life’s been busy with a promotion at work that’s brought a change in the shift I work. With all the changes, I’ve been neglecting my writing. But, everything’s starting to level out, so I can get back on track.

  I haven’t been completely idle. I have managed a little editing, a good deal of reading, and I participated in a poetry reading at a local bookstore for Independent Bookstore Day. 
  Since there’s not much I’ve written, I’ll recommend you check out one of the books I just finished reading.  If you’re into Fantasy and Horror, then you should check out The Years Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2014.  This anthology is a great collection of the weird, bizarre, creepy, and sometimes grotesque.  It’s right up my alley.  
   If these types of stories don’t suit you, then find a collection of the types of stories you like and read that. You get a variety of authors telling stories in different styles. I find this helps get creativity flowing and generate new ideas.
  As always, feel free to share, like, and comment.  Stay Focused and Write On!