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NaNoWriMo 2015

It’s November, a.k.a., National Novel Writing Month.  I’m going to be busy with doing my own version of this. I’m not writing a novel. I’m clearing out all the little short story ideas that I haven’t worked out.  Hopefully it gets me close to the 50,000 word target.  This will probably be my longest blog for the month, but I’ll try to post some quick ones throughout the process. For anyone else trying this, here’s a few tips.  Stay Focused and Write On!

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Cut Up 5

It’s been a busy couple of months here lately. I keep setting aside time to write, usually on my days off and then I wind up crashing out on the couch. Sleep 12 Writing 1.    

   Here’s a quick cut up poem I dug out of the heap of forgotten poems in an attempt to breathe new life into it. Stay Focused and Write On!

So far it appears that,                       What they were supposed to do Started following in the footsteps of Collapsing under the opposition.

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   It’s been a bit since my last blog because I’ve been a little busy. I surprised my girlfriend with a weekend getaway to Gatlinburg. We finished off the trip with a stop at one of the casinos on our way home. Then we went to see the band Imagine Dragons. We had a fun filled few days with whiskey, moonshine, gambling, music, and lots of walking. Now it’s time to get back to it.

   I said it in a previous blog, but I think it’s important enough to say again. You have to get out there and experience what the world has to offer. As writers, we can’t always lock ourselves away and not interact with the world. It’s a great way to reinvigorate yourself to continue the oftentimes lonely and solitary journey that is writing.

   Besides recharging the creative batteries, getting out there gives us an abundance of information and images to draw on for whatever writing we choose. It’s a great way to get out of a writing rut and tear down the walls of writers block. I know this weekend has supplied me with all sorts of details, images, and snippets of conversations that have been stashed away for future use. It’s anyone’s guess when and how they’ll resurface.

   Feel free to share how you recharge your creative energy in the comments section. Stay Focused and Write On!


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Dark Breeze

  This week I’ve been much more productive then recently. I’m starting to adjust to the new schedule and getting back on track.  I’ve managed to get a story typed up, two other stories edited, finished a new poem, and submitted another poem for a competition. Can we say busy?

  Unfortunately, the poem didn’t win, but fortunately for you, you still get to read it.  It’s a magnetic poem. You can buy kits that go on your fridge.  In this case, I used a website that does the same thing.  Enjoy and as always, Stay Focused and Write On!
Dark Breeze


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   Last week I talked a bit about procrastination.  This week I’ve managed to get my own procrastination in check for the most part. I did a bit of editing, wrote a piece of flash fiction that I submitted, and tinkered with some poems. With a new wave of snow coming down, I hope I can stay focused.

  I’ll know sometime next week if the flash fiction piece wins the writing prompt competition I entered it into. Either way, I plan on sharing it with you, so look for it next week. In the mean time, I plan on doing some more editing, some new writing, and staying focused enough to keep the procrastination monster at bay. Starting is always the hardest part but once I get going, it’s pretty easy.
I’ll leave you with a few methods I use to getting words down.
#1 Free write: Just sit down and write for 10-15 minutes with no regards to what you’re writing. Think stream of consciousness. See what you have at the end of the time and carve something usable out of it.
#2 Get out of the house:  Go somewhere, anywhere, and do something, anything.  I tend to get inspiration from unlikely places or snippets of a conversation I overhear. There’s no better place to drum up ideas than the real world.
#3 Use a prompt: There’s no limit to the number of prompts out there designed to break writer’s block or end procrastination. Do a quick Google search or pull one out of a writing book if you have one. 

These are three quick ways that help get me motivated again.  I usually wind up with something I can work with later on, but the main thing is they help get the creative juices flowing. So if you find yourself stuck, try one of these. The important thing is to get writing again. Nothing ever gets accomplished by doing nothing. Stay focused and Write On.