A First Step

A new year has just started and with it comes a slew of resolutions. Some will be kept while others will be discarded in short order. This, however, is not an attempt at keeping a misguided resolution. This is a step in my plan to be more active with my writing. This will not be an advice blog. It is not meant to be a road map to success. This is me, Brad A Bott, sharing my personal journey through the wonders and sometimes perils of writing.
I’ve been writing for quite some time now, with some minor accomplishments and have always had a fascination with the written word. I hold a BS in English Education which only helped fuel my passion. Throughout the course of this new adventure, I plan on sharing some of my writing, which includes poetry, short stories, and whatever else a story calls for. I also plan to share books I’m reading, more about me, and whatever else I find relevant to my writing process. Look for new blogs every Wednesday . Feel free to comment, follow, and share if you are so inclined. You never know, maybe something I share will inspire, or at the very least, entertain you for a bit. Here’s to a new year and a new chapter, so stay focused and Write On.