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Whatever Wednesday 10

Here’s a little something to get you in the Halloween spirit. I had forgotten about some of these movies. Silver Bullet and Lady in White were two of my favorites as a kid.



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Whatever Wednesday 4

Who doesn’t like a good villain? Without them, our protagonists wouldn’t be quite so easy to root for. Although sometimes I secretly root for the villain, but don’t tell anyone.  Here’s a few of the more memorable antagonists.  Several of them definitely gave me that creepy crawly feeling.  Feel free to share your favorite villain in the comments.

Stay Focused and Write On!



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Whatever Wednesday #2

This week I sent out some poems for a competition. Fingers crossed something comes of it. I also started working on a new story.  

Anyway, the link below will take you to the best movie monsters.  I know most of these creeped me out when I was younger and many of them still do. Check it out and feel free to add your favorites in the comments. Stay Focused and Write On!


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The Hitchhiker 

   This past week, I wrote a piece of flash fiction for a writing competition. The prompt was something along the lines of creating a story that had two serial killers, one picked up by the other while hitch hiking.   Unfortunately, it didn’t win, which is fortunate for you because you get to read it. I like doing these prompt based assignments because they usually get me to write a quick story that I never would have thought of. They tend to break me out of my comfort zone and let me flex the old creative muscle.  

  I think what I came up with works pretty well but you all can be the judges. Let me know what you think in the comments. Stay Focused and Write On!

               The Hichhiker

I picked him up walking in the rain on a country road. I told him my name was Jeff. It’s not like he’ll ever know I lied.

Someone finally picked me up after getting soaked for over an hour. He told me his name was Jeff. I lied too and gave the name Carl.

I made small talk with Carl to try to put him at ease and turned up the heat to help him dry out.

We chatted about nonsense. I made up an elaborate backstory, complete with an ex stealing my car. Why not have a little fun with this one?

Carl is laying it on thick. When you’ve done this as many times as me, you learn to judge people pretty quick. I won’t feel bad when this is over.

Jeff, or whatever his name is, is getting tense. He might be on to me. But he’s a liar. That makes it so much easier.

Just a little longer and we’ll be at my favorite spot. He’ll fit right in with the others. I think he’s catching on. Going to have to do it quick. I’m starting to get excited.

What a perv! I think he’s getting the wrong idea. We’re almost to a secluded enough spot. I think I’ll take the cross necklace he keeps fidgeting with as a souvenir.

Why does he keep eyeing my cross?Probably a thief too. I can’t stand thieves. I just need to keep him talking for a few more minutes.

Man, this Jeff guy sure does talk a lot. I can’t wait to shut him up. Only a few more minutes. Then he’s done.

Yes, there’s the tree that marks the edge of my collection. Better get ready. What’s he fidgeting with over there?

Just have to get my knife ready. The blade is nice and sharp. One quick swipe and it will be over. I can’t wait to feel the warmth of his blood washing over my hands. He’s nervous. Good. 

Old Carl won’t know what hit him when I stick him with my syringe. I can’t wait to see his eyes darting around when he realizes he’s paralyzed. That tattoo of a wolf on his forearm will make a nice addition to my mural. 

We’ve gone far enough. It’s now or never.

This is the spot. Time to do this.




That bastard just cut me.

Damn, he managed to stick me with something.

Getting weak. Can’t stop the bleeding.

Having trouble moving.

Not how I planned this at all.

Wonder how long before someone finds us.

Carl’s going to get some of the credit for my work.

They’re going to think we worked together.

At least the chemicals will eventually kill him.

At least he’ll go before me.

Everything’s getting hazy.

So hard to move.

My mural.

My souvenirs.









I beat him!

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Back at It

   It’s been a bit since my last blog.  Life’s been busy with a promotion at work that’s brought a change in the shift I work. With all the changes, I’ve been neglecting my writing. But, everything’s starting to level out, so I can get back on track.

  I haven’t been completely idle. I have managed a little editing, a good deal of reading, and I participated in a poetry reading at a local bookstore for Independent Bookstore Day. 
  Since there’s not much I’ve written, I’ll recommend you check out one of the books I just finished reading.  If you’re into Fantasy and Horror, then you should check out The Years Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2014.  This anthology is a great collection of the weird, bizarre, creepy, and sometimes grotesque.  It’s right up my alley.  
   If these types of stories don’t suit you, then find a collection of the types of stories you like and read that. You get a variety of authors telling stories in different styles. I find this helps get creativity flowing and generate new ideas.
  As always, feel free to share, like, and comment.  Stay Focused and Write On!