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This weeks blog is later than normal because I’m planning on posting on Saturdays rather than Wednesdays from now on for various reasons.  But as promised, this one ties in nicely with the Haiku I posted last week.

For the most part, I never really liked Haikus. Maybe it’s the strict adherence to guidelines. You know, the 5-7-5 syllable count and usually about nature. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the form. I’ve read many wonderful and brilliant Haikus. They just don’t appeal to my personal style.

In response to my feelings of Haiku entrapment, I came up with my own poetic form a few years back when I was doing poetry slams and open mic nights on a regular basis.  They were dubbed Brad-kus by my fellow poets.  They are 4 lines, usually spoken word, have no syllable count requirements, were generally something I saw, and tend to have an unexpected twist at the end, often to humorous effect.  I know, that seems like more rules than a Haiku but they’re really just guidelines.

I figured I would share the first one I ever wrote and read in front of an audience. As always, feel free to comment, like, and share. Stay Focused and Write On!

Bird Brain Dog

A big black dog with a coarse coat,

Rubs its face on a dead bird

as if trying to resuscitate it,

Then tries to lick my face