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The Goblin Saint of All Hallow’s Eve (part 6)

October 6th

(Last Year)

I put another plastic pumpkin in one of my sister’s shoes. On this one I wrote the letter O. I know she found it because she did a little dance when she started to put on her shoes. The kind of dance you do when your foot touches something unexpected.

She didn’t say a word to me, which was nice for a change. However, she did shoot me a look that could wither fresh cut flowers. I just acted like I didn’t notice anything.

(This Year)

I tapped the heel of my shoe on the floor before putting it on. Sure enough, a plastic pumpkin rolled out and across the floor. Everything is playing out just like a year ago. This is starting to fray my nerves. I’m doing my best to keep it together.

Fiction, Horror, short story

The Goblin Saint of All Hallow’s Eve (part 5)

October 5th

(Last Year)

I put a wind up jack-o’-lantern outside Cas’ bedroom door. I set in such a way that when the door opened, it would release the wind up mechanism and the toy would hop around the hallway. I scribbled a G on it also.

When she opened the door, The toy started up. She yelped much like I imagine she did at school the day before. She came straight to my room and threw the toy at my head, missing by a mile. Then stormed off without a word.

I honestly thought about stopping, but she was still being a little snot. I decided to keep it up for a few more days.

(This Year)

Something woke me in the early hours of the morning. Was it a noise? I didn’t hear anything as I lay there listening. I wasn’t really awake and my brain was still foggy when I got up to use the bathroom. Heck, my eyes were still crusty and only open a hair.

When I opened my bedroom door, I heard the whirring chatter of a wind up toy bouncing around. I didn’t need to see it to know what it was. I kicked out blindly and connected enough to send the object clattering down the hall.

Was my sister somehow paying me back? There’s no way. She’s been gone for 11 months and 4, no 5 days now. It’s not possible. But who then?

Fiction, Horror, short story

The Goblin Saint of All Hallow’s Eve (part 4)

October 4th

(Last Year)

I slipped a jack-o’-lantern sticker into my sister’s book bag before she left for school. I made sure it was in the pouch with her pencils, so I knew she’d find it.

Boy was she fired up when she got home.

“You better quit. This isn’t funny at all. You’re dumb if you think I’m falling for your tricks,” she said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“This!” She waved the sticker in my face.

“What is it?” I asked, doing my best to act surprised.

“Don’t act dumb. You know it’s a sticker you put in my book bag. I yelped when I found it and everyone laughed. You’re a jerk.”

“That’s funny. Now I wish I had put it there,” I said. “Maybe your teacher put it there or…”

“If you say the Goblin Saint, I’m going to punch you.”

“…the Goblin Saint of All Hallow’s Eve.” I finished, earning a punch to the arm.

(This Year)

Just as I thought, I found a jack-o’-lantern sticker in my book bag. It was winking at me. When I find out who’s doing this, I’m going to throttle them. There’s no such thing as the Goblin Saint of All Hallow’s Eve. I made it all up.

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Participation Poetry

Hey all my fellow poetry people. I’m running a little group poem over on my Facebook author page. Basically, I’m trying to get a bunch of people to contribute a line or two to a poem. Go over and check it out at the link below. If you decide to participate, be sure to like my page so I can tag you when the poem is done. Also, make sure to read the full post before participating. As always, stay focused and write on!

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Getting Published: The Contract

In this post, I’m going to talk about my experience with receiving and signing a contract for a book deal. Again, this is my personal experience with the process, it’s not the definitive example of a contract and the process, just something to file away for when you need it.

I wasn’t expecting a contract when it showed up in an attachment to an email informing me I hadn’t won the competition I had submitted to. But they liked the story enough to want to publish it. A lot ran through my mind. Things like: This is exciting, do I need to have a lawyer, what’s this going to cost me out-of-pocket, and did I mention this is exciting.

Once I looked over the contract, I decided I really didn’t need anyone else to go over it. I’m sure this wouldn’t be the case for every contract, but in this case, everything seemed on the up and up.

Here’s a few of the more useful things I learned about book contracts.

They read like legislation, which is to say, heavy on the lawyer speak. Go read some proposed bills or current law if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Get a notebook and pen. Read the contract line by line jotting down what’s required of you and what the publisher is offering. This helped me tremendously.

Make sure you know what rights you retain and what rights the publisher gets. There’s potential for legal troubles if you don’t abide by the terms of the contract.

If in doubt, ask. If you’re aligned with a reputable publisher, they’re going to help you.

Take your time to decide if the contract is a good fit for you and your goals.

Again, this is just one experience with a book contract and my publisher made the process a breeze. Just be wary and when in doubt, get someone else to look it over.

Stay Focused and Write On!

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Long Time No Post

It’s been quite some time since I last posted. Life, work, and just focusing more on writing, but it seems to have paid off. I got my 1st book published about a month ago. Exiting to say the least. I’m planning on doing a series of posts about the publishing process. At least my path through the process. Maybe it will give you some insight into what happens after you send out that finished story or novel. Until then, swing by Amazon and pick up a copy of my picture book, Just One Wish, from PenItPublications and Illustrated by Savannah Horton. Write on!

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NaNoWriMo 2015

It’s November, a.k.a., National Novel Writing Month.  I’m going to be busy with doing my own version of this. I’m not writing a novel. I’m clearing out all the little short story ideas that I haven’t worked out.  Hopefully it gets me close to the 50,000 word target.  This will probably be my longest blog for the month, but I’ll try to post some quick ones throughout the process. For anyone else trying this, here’s a few tips.  Stay Focused and Write On!